"Potato Bugs in the Laundry"
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Tony (Guest)

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"Potato Bugs in the Laundry"
Oct-19-03, 04:13 PM (Pacific)

I live in southern california. I've grown up with these nasty little beasts - but they've always been seen outside...until now!

I've had several potato bug sightings the past couple of weeks. But last night, while I was sorting laundry, I discovered a full grown adult potato bug clinging to my favorite sweatshirt.

My first thought was to burn ALL the clothes that were in physical contact with the sweatshirt, sell the house & move to Antartica. I'm pretty sure there are no potato bugs in Antartica.

What I finally decided to do was get the PB to drop off my sweatshirt into the toilet so I could flush it away. NOT an easy task!!! They can cling to cloth like nobody's business.

Even after it was flushed, I couldn't help but think that it can & was definitely going to make it's way back up.

I'm still considering the moving idea!

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christine in ontario CA (Guest)

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1. "RE: Potato Bugs in the Laundry"
Nov-07-03, 01:12 PM (Pacific)

OMG!! We had a pb in the laudry encounter last nite!! My daughter screamed bloody murder from the laundry room. I run in there and there is that hidious pb just lounging on a towel!! It was so hideous it made me want to just wretch! Called my son downstairs to handle the beast, he tossed it into the toilet and before the flush I swear that thing was swimming, ended up doing the backstroke as it went down. And eewww all I could think of all nite was that it could come back up. Now every little noise at nite in the dark house makes me think I'm living with a whole nest in my house! My cat better start working overtime and start hunting those buggers....waaah

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