"My siting"
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Rhonda (Guest)

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"My siting"
Sep-25-06, 10:43 AM (Pacific)

How can I begin to express the fear and disgust of facing THE POTATO BUG? We were living in our new home, a home that was built on what was once a potato field. We pulled into the garage and I got out of the car. I noticed something moving on the floor; I didna??t know what it was. I said to my husband; eek what is that? He came around the car and was as startled as I was. He didn't know exactly what to do; so he did what came natural and performed a perfect field goal between my arm sthat were now above my head sensing that something terribly wrong was about to happen. This huge thing went whizzing by my head and I ran trembling into the house. Later; while trying to decide what this monster looking thing was my husband informed me that it was a Potato BUG. No way, bugs do not come in a size large enough to wear a dog collar; yes it was that big. The size of a miniature dog of some kind. Now my husband says that terror has a way of making me exaggerate but I stand by what I say I saw. We couldn't locate the monster once we were calm enough to want a closer look.

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